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Revival inhabitants "succeed tradition" the "Kanda" where it is 50 years since then place name

(area waits - January 9, 2018 18:30)
 The place name with "Kanda" revived to head in two areas of Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku after an interval of approximately 50 years. There was thought of resident who wrestled over revival more than ten years.

 It is Kanda Sarugakucho and 3, Jinden Sakimachi of Chiyoda-ku that the place name revived in New Year's Day of 2018. 100 places of wards perform change of block indication board in the above. From person with hometown "said Kanda in old days. We felt like we came back and were asked about voice to be nice in old days.

 In former Kanda ward equal to northern half of Chiyoda-ku, "Kanda" was sent with all names of a street in ward in 1947. However, for the purpose of efficiency such as mail carriers, letter of "Kanda" disappeared from Sarugakucho and Misakicho. Voice of resident for revival of name increased, and bill which brought back name of a street of "Kanda" in 2014 approved in ward assembly afterwards.

 It is said that the past distance was not comfortable as for Tsutomu Kamakura of Kanda Sarugakucho town assembly which runs more than ten years, and worked on name of a street revival. Kamakura looks back saying it "has been objected from person living in apartment in particular and had talks individually".

 There were approximately 1,000 offices in two areas, and inhabitants and company for fear of time or costing submitted objection signature to ward for change procedure. Ward makes period of grace of 3 years after we were voted, and it is said that we hold inhabitants briefing sessions and demanded understanding. The chief of Kazuya Dobashi community at Chiyoda-ku, area Fisheries Promotion Department tells, "house indication and name of a street change are things carried out in around one year from about six months, but emptied this time for approximately three years in run-up".

 For revival of the place name which it becomes approximately 50 years since the last, Kamakura will tell that we want the traditional succession to connect in future. Kamakura "Kanda was said to be smart deinasena town. When we fade, like that comes, but we want to succeed the history and tradition and say, we think that we want you to succeed.

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