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It is talked about 160 cases with the gorgeous kimono trouble police

(case, accident - January 9, 2018 18:30)
 Supplier "harenohi" and new adult who performed dressing of long-sleeved kimono with shop in Tokyo, Hachioji-shi and Yokohama-shi on 8th of "Coming-of-Age Day" could not get communication, and gorgeous kimono was worn, and it was revealed that 160 consultation was put to the police by lost problem.

 We put shop in Hachioji-shi, and supplier "harenohi" which dealt with dressing and sale of long-sleeved kimono canceled business suddenly on 8th of Coming-of-Age Day. Therefore, person who scheduled rentals such as gorgeous kimonos on the day to arrive was not able to wear gorgeous kimono. One of the new adults who came to coming-of-age ceremony venue of Hachioji-shi "one of the friends participated with suit without kimono being worn. We said, there was child who did not come in low spirits.

 It means that a large number of people whom we were not able to borrow gorgeous kimono from in hair salon and drapery of Hachioji-shi came for consultation. Eiichi Oguma of hair salon "le Jardin" in the city Hachioji store talked about state on the day saying "we begged when we wanted that person without kimono came to the store and contacted kimono shop which cooperated of our shop in a hurry and to prepare for kimono somehow".

 It means that approximately 160 consultation from user is sent to the police so far. In addition, we established urgent consultation desk in consumer service center because consultation occurred successively. As for Yukiko Ohinata, director of Hachioji-shi consumer service center, it is said, "there are both rental and consultation to be leaving consultation that there was not, thing which we purchased, and not to come back at hand from consultation that service of dressing and hair make was not received".

 In addition, Governor Koike of Tokyo appeals to talk with consumer life synthesis center of the capital.

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