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Valentine sales battle start SNS brilliancy and healthy intention are trends

(business - January 10, 2018 18:30)
 For Valentine's Day on February 14, department store in Tokyo released lineup of chocolate. We reported on the latest Valentine sales battle including thing for look in SNS and thing being aware of healthy intention.

 MATSUYA Ginza adds pressure in chocolate which SNS which caught tendency oriented to appearance by Valentine sales battle of 2018 shines, and does. "Woman enjoys" theme of Valentine of MATSUYA Ginza, and colorful chocolate which shines, and does SNS is prepared. Thing reflecting the image of lipstick and foundation, apple is reproduced all by chocolate, too. Furthermore, photobooth was established newly in sales floor. We develop in total exclusive application to Valentine, and we appear as if heart overflows in photograph when we photograph, and pretty photograph comes out.

 Person who replied, "we purchase chocolate for oneself" according to the questionnaire that MATSUYA Ginza performed goes up to overall approximately 60%. "Oneself use that Yuichi Kashiwagi, section manager of MATSUYA Ginza, Processed Foods Division is pretty with thing doing photograph brilliancy in needs of changing Valentine and shares friend and information, and to swell. Or woman enjoys and, to various needs, chooses various things and tells, we show expanse.

 In addition, Takashimaya held presentation in Roppongi. SNS shined in this, and Yes colorful chocolate formed a line. Furthermore, to meet the growing healthy intention, functional product which held sugar in check came up. Moment when we were able to enter entrance is refined sweetness, but enjoy neat taste with acidity, and there is product of the result that I do not think with sweets which are low sugar afterwards.

 We receive a variety of needs, and it is Valentine sales battle to show expanse, but the latest tendency seems to change into thing which "oneself enjoys" as well as "we give somebody".

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