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We exceed "harenohi" of gorgeous kimono trouble debt 600 million yen

(case, accident - January 10, 2018 18:30)
 Sale of long-sleeved kimono and "harenohi" which we rented canceled business, and many new adults were problems that gorgeous kimono was not worn, and it was revealed that debt of this company went up to 600 million yen by coverage to credit research company.

 "harenohi" which put store in Tokyo, Hachioji-shi in Coming-of-Age Day on 8th canceled business suddenly, and new adults that gorgeous kimono was not worn occurred successively. In addition, we asked for sewing of long-sleeved kimono for coming-of-age ceremony of the next year, and there was person that 900,000 yen had paid baggage check.

 In "harenohi," sums of debt not to be able to pay exceed 300 million yen according to Tokyo Shoko Research of credit research company, and is considered not to have been in condition to be able to maintain management. After, as for the manager of Kazuhiro Harada information bureau at Tokyo Shoko Research, it was said, "debt is found to amount to approximately 610 million yen in September, 2016 period"; "there was in insolvency state of approximately 320 million yen at stage in September, 2016. It may be said that management was considerably severe for around one and a half years. We point out, damage might not spread to here if we stop business early.

 We understood that account that exhibited long-sleeved kimonos at "Mercari" which could buy and sell product on the Internet in large quantities was suspended while we did it this way. Mercari accepted only the use in individuals, and this account that we exhibited in large quantities stopped the use saying that corporation was possible. But we do not understand the connection with "harenohi" for the moment.

 On the other hand, in Hachioji-shi where urgent consultation desk was established, acceptance of consultation by lawyer began from 10th.

 We purchased long-sleeved kimono for daughter who reached coming-of-age ceremony in "harenohi", and, as for the woman who came for consultation, taking finished in front of photograph next year. As for the woman, "forehead which paid is 400,000-500,000 yen. We went to visit many times and decided in consultation with child one by one. It really talked with shock that it had disappeared at once. Long-sleeved kimono which we purchased is that we are not returned with supplier telling "to keep for maintenance".

 On the other hand, different woman reserved rental of long-sleeved kimono for coming-of-age ceremony two years after daughter. When "child wanted to let favorite thing arrive, woman who came for consultation reserved early. We said, it is really disappointing.

 Free consultation by lawyer in Hachioji-shi consumer service center is held every day until 13th.

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