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To proof experiment that it is the first among public "future driving" Tokyo by automatic driving

(business - January 11, 2018 18:30)
 "Future driving" is going to consist of AI = artificial intelligence which continues evolving practically. Proof experiment of automatic driving in city area with much pedestrian traffic that we come to do for the first time in Tokyo begins soon in Suginami-ku. In front of this, test-ride event for reporters was held.

 It is structure which AI carried by car judges surrounding from information of camera and sensor as for the automatic driving, and runs. We are expected when it leads to decrease in traffic accident and relaxation of traffic jam, and research and development are pushed forward in one public and private sectors. As for the driver who sat in driver's seat by demonstration on 11th, car was run smoothly without grasping steering wheel.

 It is high-precision three-dimensional map clogged up with data of traffic condition to realize such an automatic driving. Suginami-ku utilizes high-precision three dimensions map which we made for investigation into owner or area of the land use and will cooperate with proof experiment of automatic driving. We are going to perform proof experiment of automatic driving becoming first among Tokyo soon in city area with many walker and obstacles including around Ogikubo Station.

 Mayor Tanaka of Suginami-ku "improvement of utilization, convenience of car will develop in the future and is reformed? There was expectation very much and said, we want to see with interest.

 When the government aims at practical use of automatically running in no people by 2020 when the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics are held, about automatic driving that expectation is sublimed into, we are doing.

When is it in practical use Japan of <automatic driving car?>

 Development of car of automatic driving is pushed forward all over the world and is the situation that United States and Germany lead now. Car is one of the industry on behalf of Japan, and expectation is sublimed into practical use. In 2020 when the Tokyo Olympics are held, car of automatic driving may be running in Tokyo.

 But therefore there is expensive wall which you must climb over. Levels of automatic driving are classified in six phases. When distance of car running in the front gets too close, it is automatic and stops, and "level 1" supports driving, and this function is equipped with to already many cars. "Level 2" carries out plural support functions of level 1 at the same time.

 And the main constituent that one which is greatly different from "level 2" in "level 3" moves car is point to "change in system from driver". System moves all car from start of car to goal. It is this "level 3" that proof experiment was conducted this time in Tokyo, Suginami-ku. It is said that the government wants to make level 3 market by 2020.

 Furthermore, at "level 4," complete automatic driving in limited domain including expressway is enabled. Level 4 says that market aims at becoming by 2025.

 When the government leads to improvement of industrial competitiveness other than decrease and traffic jam relaxation of traffic accident by automatic driving, we expect. On the other hand, the making of frame of system becomes problem who has responsibility when accident happens by automatic driving. Germany has already performed law revision corresponding to automatic driving car of "level 3" becoming first among the world. It is said that Japanese Government shows aim and directionality for legislation and realization of automatic driving car by the end of March, 2018.

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