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Governor Koike in the Komeito for "thanks" "this year care"

(metropolitan government - January 12, 2018 18:30)
 Governor Koike of Tokyo participated in congratulations reception of the Komeito which cooperated ahead of the deliberation of budget bill totally until the last year in 2018 of Tokyo and demanded future cooperation.

 Governor Koike who took greetings evaluated that all the candidates of the Komeito were elected in member of the Metropolitan assembly election of 2017 saying "it is splendid result" and stated, "Tokyo wants to push forward the great metropolitan government that had you admit that it was splendid while taking and hand for this one year".

 We decided that Governor Koike did the Komeito and electoral alliance in March, 2017 with election for member of the Metropolitan assembly coming four months later and cooperated when we looked back. Meeting of the Tokyo residents first that scored an emphatic victory by election for summer member of the Metropolitan assembly became the metropolitan assembly's greatest denomination. So-called "governor ruling party" which supported the governor was beyond the majority of the metropolitan assembly, and Governor Koike should have pushed forward reform with the Komeito.

 However, the Komeito showed discomfort in Governor Koike having raised party desired in advance of the Lower House election and dissolved full-scale cooperation with the governor. Furthermore, it is the metropolitan assembly of December, and, as for "proof of the results and the policy without end, it is falsehood even if they take new reform while Tokyo residents cannot realize result of reform that the governor pushed forward" and speaks with (Chairman of the Policy Affairs Research Council metropolitan assembly Komeito, Tachibana), and even assembly investigates bid system reform of Governor Koike sponsorship strictly, and the Komeito is doing stance of "free and unbiased policy" clearly.

 "We told about thanks, "the former thanks that we had" to be taken care of this year of last year and stated mind, we do with greetings in the New Year" in new year budget bill that Governor Koike was discussed by the metropolitan assembly from February, 2018 while we did it this way and demanded cooperation from the Komeito.

In <Komeito, how does the Koike metropolitan government of 2018 turn out in "free and unbiased policy?">

 For Governor Koike of Tokyo, cooperation of the Komeito is desired place for future metropolitan government administration, but is opaque whether you go as before in 2018.

 The Komeito performed electoral alliance with Governor Koike in member of the Metropolitan assembly election of 2017 when we looked back on relations of both, and 23 people who became all the candidates were elected. The Komeito supported Governor Koike by the metropolitan assembly, but show discomfort to Governor Koike having made a foray into the government by the later Lower House election, and review cooperation in November, of free and unbiased policy came to-affiliated. The Komeito is going to suggest "remedies" of bid system reform that Governor Koike leads by the metropolitan assembly of February, 2018.

 Agreement more than half is necessary and do not meet this number of people only in meeting of the Tokyo residents first to approve bill by the metropolitan assembly. We will attract attention in future whether Governor Koike builds the Komeito and other denominations and what kind of collaborative relationship.

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