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Support spreads by the issue of "civic handmade coming-of-age ceremony" holding heharenohi in Hachioji

(area waits - January 12, 2018 18:30)
 Company "harenohi" which dealt with sale of long-sleeved kimono canceled business, and, by problem that new adults that gorgeous kimono was not worn occurred successively, draperies in Tokyo, Hachioji-shi stood up, and it was fixed at February in citizen's volunteers to open handmade coming-of-age ceremony.

 In morning of coming-of-age ceremony of 2018, young proprietress, Maki Nishimuro of drapery "west room in Hachioji-shi of kimono" knew that "harenohi" was closed suddenly by communication from the staff of city. "There is child whom it is awkward for that around 100 kimonos are not worn as for Nishimuro. Can you not do anything (from city)?, we received communication. Child who entered bursts into tears first; "there is nothing. We look back today is it not worn?saying it was in a miserable state. It is said that Nishimuro who rushed to venue of coming-of-age ceremony dressed new adult in long-sleeved kimono prepared in a hurry.

 --. which wants to regain smile to new adult who felt sad After Nishimuro launching "coming-of-age ceremony present project", and sending on Facebook, some raised support from rental supplier or beautician of kimono one after another. It supported Hachioji-shi, and it was decided to hold handmade coming-of-age ceremony in Olympus hall same as coming-of-age ceremony venue on 8th on February 12. We have you choose gorgeous kimono and we take photograph and present and plan small ceremony. Nishimuro "person who announced the candidacy told "to do the best because prepared 120 sets of long-sleeved kimonos" immediately. When though "we were deceived at that time by adult, it is adult of Hachioji to have given smile, is everybody of Hachioji." We say, such a warm meeting is established.

 Photograph studio "photo studio prime in the city cooperates with project, too". We have you choose schedule targeting at people who cannot come to meeting on February 12 among new adults who encountered damage in this studio and are going to perform dressing and photography of long-sleeved kimono. Representative Yuko Kawamura of studio "really can not believe harenohi disturbance. We wanted to leave photograph in long-sleeved kimono and said, we decided to cope free somehow.

 We are going to accept on Facebook and are doing participation in coming-of-age ceremony that citizen presents in future when we want photograph studio to refer for photography of different Sunday directly.

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