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In development start hotel and the hall large-scale at Tokyo, the Tachikawa Station north exit

(area waits - February 9, 2018 18:30)
 Large-scale development project to maintain hotel and multipurpose hall in very large ruins of Tachikawa base at the Tachikawa Station north exit of Tokyo began in earnest.

 It is very large site left at the Tachikawa Station north exit that development project is carried out. In the north side, IKEA, the west of furniture general merchandising store are next to state-run commemorative park of the Showa era. As for the project, company which dealt with development prayed approximately 39,000 square meters of former national land of Midoricho, Tachikawa-shi for security of construction by plan to maintain nine buildings including hotel on 9th.

 Murayama Shodo, president of Tachihi Holdings "we have feeling to send to the world. To this excellent location said hello saying is responsible. In addition, the Mayor of Shimizu of Tachikawa-shi showed a feeling of expectation saying "we might certainly promise development as Tama only one, number one area in dawn of completion".

 Development project maintains nine buildings including hotel with 2,500 seats of multipurpose halls and hot spring facilities, and it means that we aim at the opening of business in the spring of 2020 before Tokyo Olympics holding.

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