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In "harenohi" problem Tokyo, Hachioji to "present coming-of-age ceremony" holding

(area waits - February 12, 2018 18:15)
 Event that it is said to do coming-of-age ceremony of new adult who encountered damage in Tokyo, Hachioji-shi where there was trouble by "harenohi" which canceled business on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony again is performed.

 66 new adults attend in Hachioji-shi, and "the second coming-of-age ceremony" is held. On the day of the ceremony of "Coming-of-Age Day" on January 8, we put shop in Hachioji-shi, and "harenohi" which dealt with dressing and sale of long-sleeved kimono canceled business suddenly, and new adult of most was not able to wear long-sleeved kimono. As for plan by local people, the name, it is "present coming-of-age ceremony" we take on this problem, and to have risen. 140 long-sleeved kimonos are prepared for venue, and participant chooses favorite gorgeous kimono and can take a picture with dressing free.

 Approximately 200 volunteers gathered in venue from past 7:00 a.m. and prepared. Maki Nishimuro of representative of executive committee "only this had contain many people in the staff from morning. In preparations everything, Yes wants to get ready for smile in everybodies. We enjoyed that we became beautiful and called, we are glad today when we had you return with smile.

 As "gentle people held meeting as for the new adult who participated, a lot of "wanted to participate with feeling that we were thankful" for as there was regret. When Sunday of pliers came, is nice; spoke with "want to become adult who could be gentle even if might be terrible". New adult and family participate in this "present coming-of-age ceremony" and are opened on the night of 12th.

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