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Tokyo, Hachioji related to People's Honor Award is pleased with by Hanyu of shogi

(area waits - February 13, 2018 18:30)
 People's Honor Award was conferred on Zenji Hanyu related to Tokyo Hachioji-shi who achieved the first-ever eternity seven crown in shogi world and Yuta Iyama who achieved two times of seven crown monopolies by Go for the first time. Some raises blessing from Hachioji-shi where Hanyu has lived in until 19 years old since childhood.

 From Hachioji citizen related to Hanyu "congratulations. We are from the same Fuji Moritaka school. When local person plays an active part, after all is nice; "is glad. If is talked to child from generation to generation; "is pride. We want you to continue still more for 20 years for another ten years, voices of joy occurred successively.

 Hanyu who acted as sightseeing ambassador of city spent time from 4 years old to 19 years old in Hachioji-shi. City opens shogi meeting that children participate in every year to bring up future professional shogi player with the goal of Hanyu. Mayor Ishimori of Hachioji-shi it "is stimulated very much that there is great shogi player who took People's Honor Award for children close. We have Hachioji come and tell, we want to do pressure that we have shogi meeting appear if possible.

 In addition, even as for the shogi club in Hachioji-shi where Hanyu improved the skill which "can only say that is great", "is too great, and run out for a splendid word"; of blessing some says.

 Hanyu went to this club from second grader to sixth grader. As for Masao Yagishita who continues running club, it is said that Hanyu showed glimpse of strength from those days. Yagishita "shogi was weak, but finger Shiga was powerful first. Feeling to seem to become considerably strong matched; it "is meeting of Shinjuku open in department store that won the championship for the first time. We said, photograph at that time is left carefully.

 It is said that Hanyu who goes to this club, and attached power won the championship at many primary schoolchild meetings from those days. Yagishita "is feeling that seems to be pride very. We thought that it should be able to happen, but did not think that it really came true. He/she gives call by all means every year as own dojo studio from and comes for instruction. We talked with very faithful person.

 People of Hachioji that could be called the starting point of Hanyu were pleased with this receiving a prize heartily.

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