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To prevent "earthquake disaster to attack capital" assumption damage

(area waits - March 9, 2018 18:30)
 We reach seven years from outbreak of the Great East Japan Earthquake soon. And it is said that capital earthquake directly above the focus happens with 70% of probability within the next 30 years. In the outskirts of Arakawa and the Sumida River, it was revealed that high-risk place concentrated on by investigation of "degree of risk caused by earthquake" that Tokyo announced in February, 2018. We walked area that was at great risk of disaster caused by earthquake with Takehiko Yamamura of disaster prevention, crisis control adviser and, based on findings, inspected point necessary to prevent damage.

<case 1: Wooden densely populated area>

 Around Kita-Senju Station filled with the old downtown atmosphere links the name by questionnaire of town where we want to live in in these days in high rank, but "degree of risk caused by earthquake becomes higher at all with the second place, too". About characteristic in this area Yamamura "old wooden houses crowd on both sides of road. There is little between building and building and points out, deferred firing is easy to just spread. "Degree of risk caused by earthquake" that Tokyo ranked at the time of degree of risk, fire degree of risk, disaster of building collapse was hard to be active, and settled degree. Of these, it is said that a lot of wooden buildings are very high in fire degree of risk in the Senjuyanagicho, Adachi-ku area. Earthquake-resistant low old wooden house is easy to collapse, and it is said that fire occurs from there. Furthermore, it is early to spread because we crowd, and fear to become serious damage is pointed out. When "outer wall collapses by earthquake, Yamamura has state that is easy to catch fire. As for that the circumference of Tuesday is early as for the first characteristic of wooden densely populated area that is; it is said.

 Adachi-ku pushes forward the making of rule of disaster prevention in cooperation with area while we did it this way and performs approach to disaster prevention including placement of large fire extinguisher and periodical disaster prevention drill.

<case 2: Narrow area>
 It is 4, Machiya, Arakawa-ku area told to be high-risk at the time of disaster most that came over successively. "Local one having difficulty in refuge activity and disaster activity including rescue operation and fire fighting very" and Yamamura point out here. It features 4, Machiya that winding road leads to narrowly as at last one car can go. Yamamura, "for example, fire engine cannot enter even if fire occurs. It is not entered ambulance to save either. We give state and problems that building collapses as for between building and building being small from the circumference, and are hard to shelter.

 Arakawa-ku pushes forward town planning that is strong in disaster including widening of main life roads around 4, Machiya and maintenance of refuge way to solve this problem.

 But we do not know when disaster comes. Yamamura emphasizes that the preparation by the whole area is necessary as well as administration. Yamamura proposes saying it "is important we intend to prepare for intensity 6 upper anywhere anytime and we open area disaster prevention meeting if possible and open disaster prevention pink tea, and to do strong town planning for disaster in oneself".

 As for the findings of local degree of risk about earthquake that VTR introduced, the details are released on homepage of the Tokyo city maintenance station. Tokyo conjugates for designation of evacuation site in fire at the time of earthquake disaster based on this findings and is doing when we keep alive for town planning and measures resisting disaster.

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