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We hit commuting attending school rush of spring Arashi metropolitan area directly

(area waits - March 9, 2018 18:30)
 Have a strong sense of 8 nichiya* kukara in the Kanto district rain fell, and, in the commuter rush hour on the morning of 9th, the train schedule toward the downtown area was confused, and influence such as being delayed for 30 minutes appeared from 20 minutes.

 According to the Meteorological Agency, Tokyo became spring Arashi by the passage of low pressure with front. Intense rain fell for emergencies such as 52 millimeters in 73 millimeters, Chofu-shi in Machida-shi at 4:00 a.m. on 9th an hour and observed 14 millimeters in the Tokyo downtown area before 6:00.

 Means of transportation were largely disturbed under the influence of this strong rain from early morning on 9th, and entrance was regulated at one time at Tokyu Denentoshi Line station, and confusion was seen. Train of commuting attending school toward the downtown area was all delayed from 20 minutes for 30 minutes.

 Which commuter "got up to hasten anxiously" "came early more than usual today 30 minutes. As wind resisted midnight all the time, we told, we worried a little.

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