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Woman member of city assembly of sexual harassment scandal nonpartisan "doubt elucidation" of the Mayor of Tokyo, Komae

(area waits - March 12, 2018 18:30)
 By problem that doubt that Mayor Kunihiko Takahashi of Tokyo, Komae-shi made sexual harassment act to plural women was held, Congresswoman volunteer of Komae-shi assembly demanded truth elucidation and prevention of recurrence of sexual harassment scandal from city.

 It is six bipartisan Congresswomen to have handed the mayor statement to demand truth elucidations of doubt. Kumiko Ota, member of city assembly of no denomination which handed "is originally outrageous if the mayor who must lead prevention and exclusion of harassment sexually harassed. We absolutely stated, we cannot permit. In contrast, Mayor Takahashi "is innocent. We fulfiled accountability well and stated, we solve misunderstanding.

 It was document which we wrote down sexual harassment damage that woman received with opportunity of problem. When it may be the Mayor of Takahashi that performed act such as "it was awkward that we are made to drink liquor of glass which we added mouth" to, we are investigated in assembly, and the mayor denies doubt saying "there is not idea".

 12th, Vice Chairperson Yoshiko Miyasaka of Komae-shi assembly "clarifies the truth of sexual harassment scandal. We did that we could do it as member of the Diet because we did not let you recur and stated, "we talked directly and get testimony when touched with waist that member of city assembly Atsuko Nishimura of the Communist Party was touched with buttocks (from the mayor) by plural women".

 We widen ring to three Congresswomen who does not participate and male member of the Diet, and volunteer of Congresswoman is doing investigation of third-party organization or setting of Article 100 committee in future when we want to push forward truth elucidation in field of vision. In addition, it means that complaint and opinion about doubt are put to Komae-shi more than 160 cases.

<the details of sexual harassment scandal assembly statement of the Mayor of Komae>

 It was municipal assembly on March 1 that there were rumors about sexual harassment scandal of the Mayor of Tokyo, Komae. We settled the exchanges of the mayor and member of the Diet in municipal assembly. Please see with video.

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