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Bond that is firm by "reencounter from the Great East Japan Earthquake in hometown" for seven years on chest…

(other - March 12, 2018 18:30)
 Seven years passed from outbreak of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Approximately 5,000 people still take shelter in Tokyo, and approximately 600 people live soon in the public employee lodgings, Shinonome house of Koto-ku. In "hometown reported on family whom there was who evacuated from Fukushima that promised that was by reencounter".

 Mourning ceremony was performed in Shinonome house where many people evacuated to, and silent prayer was performed in total at 2:46 p.m. when earthquake got up, and, on March 11 when seven years passed from earthquake disaster, flower was offered to victim.

 It is representative, Yasuo Fujita (65) of victim to have stared at the state from behind. As for "these seven years, Fujita feels early. We were taken care of by many people and say with feeling that it is said to return with long eyes from now on. Fujita ran sushi restaurant in Namie-machi, Fukushima for approximately 30 years. We set up shop in Shinonome newly 3 years ago saying, we evacuated to Shinonome house from April, 2011 and "wanted to contribute to area". It is irreplaceable family who moved to Tokyo together to support shop. Sachiko of wife "cannot but advance before. She does business in families, but she thinks that power of family is strong, and Miyoko of daughter says, "we try that there is just to think that it is dignified in Tokyo, and child under (than me) can live a life hard".

 It reached seven years from earthquake disaster, and it was "reencounter in hometown" that Fujita promised. Fujita who acted as chairperson of "meeting of Shinonome" "person whom person coming back to hometown, person moving to other places, person remaining in Shinonome, moving place are not still fixed at…. All become scattered. It was important in firm bond that we built during refuge and said, it was a pleasure and tries that we could meet again newly in strange hometown hard sometime.

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