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The LDP which deliberation Tokyo residents F protects the governor, and attacks 7 trillion yen budget bill of Tokyo

(metropolitan government - March 13, 2018 18:30)
 In the Tokyo metropolitan assembly, concentrated deliberation of budget bill began in 2018 of Tokyo which became 7 trillion yen scale. Meeting of the Tokyo residents first that was the greatest denomination defended in the governors in mind in the metropolitan assembly LDP which was critical for Governor Koike of Tokyo, and much jeering flew about committee room.

 Yu Ito member of the Metropolitan assembly of meeting of the Tokyo residents first judged budget bill "to be well-modulated" in the new year and developed question to protect Governor Koike. Governor Koike told result of assessment to group approximately 60 before explaining budget bill to the metropolitan assembly in January. The LDP criticized Governor Koike about this many times saying, "they ignored rule of 2 yuan representation". Ito member of the Metropolitan assembly invoked that Governor Koike abolished so-called "political party revival budget" that the metropolitan assembly side was able to ever put the budget for 20 billion yen on and covered the governor. Ito member of the Metropolitan assembly spoke, "there was criticism to be against 2 yuan representation, but we pulled, and the criticism thought about "political party revival frame" from the viewpoint of dual source representation in structure which stepped into budget editorial rights of the governor without hitting really and was abolished and was proper result". In contrast, Governor Koike said, "we are thinking that it was important process to make budgets better" (as for the transmission to group).

 Furthermore, Ito member of the Metropolitan assembly stated, "pressure to country weakened so as to say if "fault of the governor" and metropolitan assembly denomination of the government ruling party said loudly, and it is expectation of country that could not regain the yield of taxes" about it becoming expected that Tokyo had fall of approximately 100 billion yen in its income by review of distribution of local consumption tax by country. In contrast, Governor Koike answered, "we installed review meeting which we included well-informed people in immediately and want to discuss problem over tax finance from various angles".

 About question of Ito member of the Metropolitan assembly executive of the metropolitan assembly LDP "was question of flattering. We criticized saying meeting of the Tokyo residents first does not have feeling of strain.

<over budget Governor heated argument Koike vs. the LDP>

 In the budget for Tokyo metropolitan assembly special committee, question of the critical LDP follows Governor Koike of Tokyo.

 In assembly hall, Kazuki Yamazaki member of the Metropolitan assembly of the metropolitan assembly LDP which became the second denomination along with the metropolitan assembly Komeito asks a question. Yamazaki member of the Metropolitan assembly who is determined in coordination with words to start limit, and took question mentions that a lot of Governor Koike conveyed a part of budget contents in the case of compilation of the budget beforehand in group, and atmosphere that approaches, and grew tense drifts to Governor Koike. Yamazaki member of the Metropolitan assembly "the contents which totally orders muzzle enters (on paper which distributed) when "please note until announcement about the handling of this matter". We investigated saying we cannot but think that this performed after having understood when the governor had problem with such an act. In contrast, Governor Koike "heard on-site actual voice, and was able to make use in compilation of the budget process. We answered, we listed information management before leading to budget bill announcement at point of view that we performed.

 In addition, they repeat with "timing when Governor Koike declares safety of changes" over the issue of move of market and point out, and the LDP strengthens posture to investigate Governor Koike. It appears in question time that the LDP develops investigation posture to Governor Koike this time. It is assigned by the position number of people of denomination in question time of budget special committee and can assign freely at deliberation time of 3 days, but the position number of people becomes this more than double in question time that is longer than meeting of greatest denomination, Tokyo residents first that there is many in two hours 17 minutes in question time of the LDP for the first day, and extraordinary enthusiasm of the LDP is indicated.

 We approve unanimously, and budget bill of 2017 was concluded, but attracts attention this time including the LDP what kind of manner each denomination shows. Generalization question of metropolitan assembly budget special committee is held until March 15.

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