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To up attractive in commercial facilities of Tokyu Ikegami Line underpass utilization

(business - March 13, 2018 18:30)
 It is approach that is new by Tokyu Ikegami Line linking Kamata Station of Ota-ku from Gotanda Station of Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku. Unique commercial facilities opened under the viaduct which train of Ikegami Line ran to heap up line where had slightly low popularity in Tokyu Line.

 New facilities "Ikegami Line Gotanda underpass" was done in underpass which followed to Tokyu Ikegami Line Gotanda Station. 5 stores around restaurant opened in underpass for 230 meters newly, and space of new turnout consisting of 13 stores was born in conjunction with 8 existing stores.

 Above all, up-and-coming shop is shop for cycle when we made use of neighboring locations that bicycle commuter increases to. However, it is sold to clothes and miscellaneous goods, vegetables as well as bicycle what is sold. It was, and, concerning location to face Yamanote Dori where bicycle lane was maintained, cafe space cozy relaxedly was made by the making of shop which was conscious of person who rode bicycle. Furthermore, coin laundry was installed in the depths of repair space of bicycle, too.

 We prepared shop which was convenient for everyday living to take in working together generation who went to local housewife and station by bicycle.

 In addition, luxurious gourmet for pulling in customers of company return can taste concerning underpass. As for the steak of Tokyo that it features texture that fat is enraptured by in mouth like marbled meat moderately softly-born brand pork "Tokyo X", taste and fragrance of meat are clogged up.

 We give to gourmet and speak with (Shunsuke Sako of Tokyu, the city creation headquarters) "wanting you to provide equipment having you be interested who has you pay attention for customer along Ikegami Line as the person in charge who dealt with facilities which do not get snagged on image of conventional underpass including bicycle shop of new business condition puts the name Ikegami Line in facilities name did for name" "Ikegami Line Gotanda underpass".

 It is attention whether you are connected by birth of underpass which was reborn in stylish space where we can access casually for image enhancement of Ikegami Line.

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