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It is voice of joy at Komae Station of Odakyu Line time schedule revision "semi-express stop"

(area waits - March 19, 2018 18:30)
 Odakyu Electric Railway revised diamond on March 17 and reached first weekdays on 19th. Around Komae Station in Tokyo, Komae-shi where semi-express came to stop at by this revision, voice of joy was asked.

 In Komae Station of Odakyu Line, only local train stopped until now, but semi-express came to stop in time schedule revision on 17th, too.

 Person using semi-express "sense of superiority is great. Even if is not local train, can come to Komae; "high speed express stopped at Noborito, and was able to arrive at Komae from there by semi-express. Was shortened around ten minutes; "semi-express comes, and is glad very much because stop in Komae if see well. We said, it is convenient.

 This time schedule revision was section of approximately 12 kilos from Yoyogi-Uehara Station of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo to Noborito Station of Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa and was performed upper bottom following the fact that "quadruple track" to use track by two for each was completed.

 Stops of train are reviewed, too, and all the semi-expresses become entry of with Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line and stop newly at three stations of Komae, founder of a religious sect ke Daizo Tani, Chitosefunabashi. From Komae to Shinjuku, place where it took 28 minutes so far was shortened for 20 minutes. Stop of semi-express welcomes Komae-shi, and guide is listed on official Facebook of city many times, indicating sympathy of reader "is good!" But, we gather.

 It was weekdays for the first time after time schedule revision on 19th, but it means that big delay and confusion do not occur so far.

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