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80,000 "national movie archive" only in Japan birth possession

(culture - April 12, 2018 18:30)
 It was only one in the whole country and collected movies technically to send Japanese movie evaluated worldwide more widely, and national art museum to possess was born in Tokyo, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku.

 "Film center" which was one branch of National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo became independent, and National Gallery "national movie archive" which became the sixth in Japan on April 9 was born until now.

 The hall is right full of movies, and a lot of posters are put like lobby of movie theater, and it is wide, and there is much screening screen, too, and the plan screening of movie and collection of associated documents display seat. Furthermore, it stores approximately 80,000 valuable movie films and adds to preservation work of film including management of temperature and humidity and performs restoration and reconstruction work.

 It was the oldest, and was appointed to important cultural property of country as movie in movie which Japanese that movie "excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves" released in 1903 existed photographed for the first time in 2009. It is work which can be called opportunity when movie came to be recognized as one of the art in the country. Hisashi Okajima, director "specialized research institute exists (in developed country) preservation organization of movie from the mid-1930s. Japan says, it is very significant that national Specialized Agencies were born at last, too. As well as the screening, display in hall, we will strengthen activity to convey Japanese movie including the patrol screening and workshop holding out of the country widely in future.

 There is problem while we did it this way. There is only 11 regular staff while you possess film of enormous numbers and must manage with approximately 60 even if we put the non-regular staff. Therefore, we say that national movie archive wants to add pressure for preservation of film and upbringing of human resources restored to the original state in the future. Okajima, director "there are not really many movies in the world anymore in Japan either. It must be said that expert stores movie properly. We said, you must make form so that many people admired movie at the same time.

 "Art museum for movie" as approach to leave movie culture in history birth attracts expectation as the first step that movie spreads recognition in the world as one of the art of Japan in the same way as picture or sculpture.

 We rent national movie archive as well as display and the screening of Japanese movie to possess abroad and are doing when we want to send the charm positively.

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