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We train in two days, and it is reopened by U.S. forces parachute fall accident

(area waits - April 12, 2018 18:30)
 During training in Yokota base in Tokyo, we let parachute fall to junior high school nearby, and U.S. forces called for a halt to training by the neighboring local governments reopened training.

 U.S. forces Yokota base reopened descent training with parachute from accident from the morning of 12th in two days while some said that we called for a halt saying, "inspection was finished and was able to confirm security".

 Accident that parachute fell to from plane of U.S. forces Yokota base position in junior high school of Tokyo, Hamura-shi on April 10 happened. Parachute is drained into wind when member during descent training separates parachute that trouble happened according to Yokota base and is that we dropped in Hamura third junior high school close to base. Size of parachute which dropped was approximately 3 meters.

 Fortunately, there was not person who had injury, but it might lead to big accident, and Hamura-shi protested country and U.S. forces on 11th and called for a halt to investigation and parachute training of accident cause. U.S. forces apologized to arrival for the Mayor of Hamura about accident on the evening of 11th while they did it this way. And we conveyed thought to reopen training saying that member followed decided procedure as a result of investigation, and security of all parachutes was confirmed. As a result, the Mayor of row of trees of Hamura-shi it "is slightly too early to restart training of parachute. We said, I wanted explanation a little more.

 For training resumption in only two days because "say that people close to base come to follow Japan, is complicated feeling. Living human being has the noise while saying that protect, and there is falling object several times, and is worried; "base does not disappear, and think that parachute and small thing still fall. We want you to be careful by all means. We said, we give up losing base if it was impossible.

 We receive training resumption, and Hamura-shi is going to discuss Tokyo and the neighboring local governments and correspondence.

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