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Unexpectedness? Tokyo, Nippori is quite popular with foreigners!

(area waits - April 13, 2018 18:30)
 As for the foreign traveler who visited Japan in 2017, 28,690,000 personality was the highest ever. Foreigners visiting unexpected place increase as well as famous tourist attraction in Tokyo.

 Shops which treat approximately 90 cloth and material now in wholesale dealer street where there was "Nippori fiber street" early in the Taisho era lasting approximately 1 kilo around Nippori Station of Arakawa-ku gather. It is said that a lot of foreign tourists come over to fiber street of this downtown area in now. It came from Canada, Austria, various countries including Malaysia on that day. Person who came over from Australia "heard from friend. , when do not come here, cannot return to country; as for that is; talked.

 According to Tokyo Nippori fiber wholesale cooperative, foreigners visiting fiber street increase year by year and rise to 20% of the whole now. Their guide is cloth of "maid in Japan". As for the foreign visitor who came, "I wanted cloth for sum pattern to make kimono. Color was beautiful, and liked; said, "think that Japanese cotton was strong".

 Meanwhile, we cook sum pattern dough, and there is shop making achievements. mihamakurosu in business for 35 years specializes assortment of goods in sum pattern for six years, and it is said that approximately 90% of visitor is foreigner now. Foreigner who visited shop "is souvenir. Is dear; tell, "like pattern and floral design of woman". Above all, person who came from Myanmar says, "kimono ronji" "is famous in Myanmar". "Kimono ronji" which made folk costume called "ronji" with kimono was popular and after selling cloth for 2 meters of sum handles which were easy to make ronji in this shop, just made a big hit in Myanmar. There was Myanmarese figure which bought cloth in large quantities among them.

 Myanmarese, miyakeikain resident in Japan to buy while exchanging much cloth with storekeeper sells article to Myanmarese shop in Korea. miyakeikain "all the Myanmareses know. Speaking of Nippori, say, mihamakurosu is quite famous, "is easy to wear, and kimono ronji is cool. We say, we choose as we like cloth which gold enters (as for the Myanmarese). In addition, we devise that we choose cloth and choose while showing cloth with videophone. miyakeikain "video call is easier than send each photograph. We told, we can see cloth neatly when we stopped by near.

 Because festival to celebrate the New Year begins on 13th in Myanmar according to mihamakurosu, it is said that it is time when a lot of visitors purchasing as souvenir of homecoming are most popular in one year in April. Yoshiyuki Hamaguchi, president of mihamakurosu "do this business, and, thank you, is the best so far. When we thought whether we shall leave, we met at one time, but are terrible now. We said, we make hard every single day.

 Narita SKY ACCESS Line starts a business in 2010, and association analyzes that access from Narita Airport to Nippori became more convenient when foreigner is reason that increased. usuihokuni*dembucho of Tokyo Nippori fiber wholesale cooperative, "only as for this, it is strength that shops gather. We fall (as for the sales) as the fiber industry, but tell, we expect because visitor of new foreigner comes.

 "Maid in Japan" where foreigner pays attention to some other time is giving vitality for one industry of Japan now.

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