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<originally> "We cannot accept condition", and what would Chairperson Bamba do? Tourist facility of Toyosu

(metropolitan government - April 13, 2018 18:30)
 About tourist facility "facilities maintained in Toyosu market of Tokyo with a flourishing trade," Chairperson Hiroshi Takahashi of Manyo Club which became company accepted independent coverage of TOKYO MX. Tokyo showed condition saying that we reduce wage charges of land 20% from 10%, but Chairperson Takahashi shows thought not to be able to possibly accept the condition, and discussion traces parallel lines.

 Chairperson Takahashi of Manyo Club answered independent coverage of TOKYO MX in Odawara-shi, Kanagawa with the head office on the afternoon of 13th. When expense on business is approximately 1 billion yen until now, and Manyo Club withdraws from business according to Chairperson Takahashi from Tokyo, it is said that we were informed when filling (filling) cannot do expense.

 In addition, for Manyo Club to be unprofitable, executive of the capital shows document saying that we reduce wage charges of land approximately 20% from 10%, and it means that we demanded continuation of business. In contrast, Chairperson Takahashi rejected saying "we had ear which heard the ground rent if said that we cooperated with half from Yes by all means, but are terrible at 10% and 20%".

 The person in charge of the capital "wants you to become clear for Manyo Club without appearing if we do not appear afterwards. In this situation it is said that re-offer pressed that there is not. Takahashi, chairperson "cannot become clear. The capital excluded ladder and told, it is not gone down even if we went down and untied and floated expression at a loss. In addition, Chairperson Takahashi tells, "we want to come to me and to apologize" about Governor Koike of Tokyo having announced Tsukiji redevelopment without any consultation in June, 2017.

 On the other hand, the person in charge of the capital went to Governor Koike of Tokyo about correspondence to Manyo Club in regular interview on 13th directly on that day and emphasized, "we give a response that it was sincere" (sincere) for strict promise of business operation.

 "It is sincere in company, and Governor Koike wrestles in this. We asked to have you make conclusion as soon as possible. We stated, we continue giving a polite response every day to get strict promise of business operation.

Prospect of the <"facilities with a flourishing trade" opening of business?>

 We see the past exchanges of Tokyo and company in detail about facilities with a flourishing trade.
 In "the facilities with a flourishing trade," "Manyo Club" which ran hot spring facilities by hot spring and hotel open for 24 hours, composition facilities which maintained restaurant towns reflecting the image of cityscape of Edo and plan that it was in March, 2016 was decided in company. We were going to open the accommodations commencing with construction by original plan in commercial facilities, August, 2019 in August, 2018 in 2017.

 However, benzene which amounted to up to 79 times of environmental standard in Toyosu market in January, 2017 was detected and announced that we postponed opening in August, 2018 when we planned at first because possibility that move was late appeared. We announced that we made tourist facility in Tsukiji saying, "both were raw, or Governor Koike did" both Tsukiji and Toyosu in June for the next 2,017 years.

 As a result, we showed thought to examine field of vision by withdrawal saying that Manyo Club was not profitable as business. The opening of Toyosu market of October, 2018 was decided without the situation changing.

 The construction planned site of facilities with a flourishing trade is still the situation that construction does not begin in. State of parallel lines continues without thought of Tokyo engaging with Manyo Club all the time.

 It means that the staff of Tokyo visits the head office of Manyo Club several times after 2018 begins while we did it this way. Conditions side such as reduction of wage charges is considered to negotiate, but is doing there when Chairperson Takahashi of Manyo Club is not accepted under conditions of now.

 Thinking that facilities with a flourishing trade are maintained for Tokyo residents by all means, and Toyosu market wants you to do well is place that there is, but, as for moving to maintenance, it is standstill state.

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