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It is 3 girl arrest Tokyo, Koto-ku during 10 million yen theft from friend's house

(case, accident - April 16, 2018 18:30)
 We were arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department saying that school girl of junior high student of Tokyo, Koto-ku stole 10000000 yen in cash from home of friend. We distributed cash which we stole to classmate.

 It is school girl (14) of third grader going to municipal junior high school of Koto-ku to have been arrested on the suspicion of theft. When we went out to house of classmate in Koto-ku to play from January through February, as for the school girl, doubt that stole 10000000 yen in cash kept in living is held according to the Metropolitan Police Department. It means that this student distributed cash 7,400,000 of 10 million yen that we stole to approximately ten classmate men and women of junior high school. It is considered that we handed Friday which we distributed in the middle of the inside and leaving school of school for number from 100000 yen to 1000000 yen for one.

 Cash which cash and girl whom we handed to classmate so far kept, 7,900,000 yen in total were collected, but the Metropolitan Police Department continues searching about 2,100,000 yen.

Process until arrest that 3 girls steal 10 million yen among <?>

 As for the relations of girl of the third grade at a junior high school of suspect and child of house which had its money stolen, girl goes out to house of friend to play in classmates of elementary school days routinely, and it is said that we were close to mother of friend.

 Mother of friend had you support, and kept in living, but girl found, and, as for 10000000 yen in cash, she stole this from the parents' house. Girl testifies, "we stole cash of roll of bills for twice when we went to house of friend in about January".

 Girl classified 10 million yen that we stole into tote bag and covered to closet of own room, but was discovered in own mother in the middle of February. At this chance girl says, "we kept for man not to know" for mother. Mother keeps 10 million yen in own room and, on the next day of discovery, goes to the police for consultation. We might become afraid that daughter was rolled up in some case for mother.

 However, girl stole eyes of mother and took 10 million yen and distributed number from 100000 yen to 1000000 yen to approximately ten men and women of classmate per person. Mother of friend noticed that money was stolen on March 3 and gave damage notice to the police, and girl was arrested on the charge of theft afterwards on April 15. Girl accepts the charge and testifies, "there were feeling, stress so that we are left out".

 We do not understand the further motive now. Girl does not encounter bullying according to the Metropolitan Police Department, and it is said that we were not forced to steal money to somebody.

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