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Include Governor Koike, "wage charges half price"; tourist facility maintenance of "is sincere correspondence" Toyosu

(metropolitan government - April 16, 2018 18:30)
 Over tourist facility "facilities of Toyosu market of Tokyo with a flourishing trade" maintenance, Governor Koike of Tokyo stated, "we cope with sincere (sincere) including such a thing" about the company, Manyo Club side fixed at taking business having spoken, "we have ear to hear if it was at half price and did wage charges".

 On April 13, document saying that he reduced wage charges of land approximately 20% from 10% was shown for independent coverage of TOKYO MX by executive of Tokyo, and Chairperson Hiroshi Takahashi of Manyo Club clarified what was demanded to begin construction. As for Chairperson Takahashi, it is said that we rejected at the capital saying "they have ear which hears wage charges if said that we cooperate with half price from Yes by all means, but 10% and 20% are terrible".

 16th, Governor of Koike who was called into question from reporter of TOKYO MX saying "say that Chairperson Takahashi of Manyo Club could not accept condition that 1-2 percent reduced wage charges" "is story that is at half price, and do? It is sincere and is coping including such a thing now. We stated, we have you decide as possible early strict promise what kind of method you took for running.

 In the person in charge of the capital discussing according to Chairperson Takahashi for Manyo Club "want to become clear without appearing if do not appear. In this situation it means that we informed, re-offer is not possible. About this remark, the person in charge of Tokyo dealing with negotiations says, "we are not doing such a remark at place of discussion".

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