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Parade commemorative for local welfare officer system birth 100 years

(area waits - May 13, 2018 18:00)
We reach 100 years in this year after life and care, area volunteer whom we can talk about child care with, system of local welfare officer were born in Tokyo. Parade was carried out in commemoration of this in Shinjuku-ku.

According to Tokyo, it means that there are approximately 10,000 local welfare officers and children's committees in Tokyo. Governor public welfare children's committee and Koike and others in Tokyo, approximately 1,500 participated in this parade every year in "activity reinforcement week of local welfare officer, children's committee" on 18th from May 12.

Governor Koike said, "we will talk about expectation for the leadership of local welfare officers and achievement in area heartily from now on".

When sponsor wants Tokyo residents to know local welfare officer system to be said to be Japan's original system widely, we are doing.

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