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We maintain tourist facility of Mayor of Tokyo, Koto Toyosu saying "mutual concessions of both are necessary"

(area waits - May 14, 2018 18:30)
 Company of tourist facility "facilities maintained in Toyosu market of Tokyo with a flourishing trade" showed recognition that it was necessary for the capital and company to offer to each other for solution in question each other to Mayor of Yamazaki of hometown, Koto-ku about problem that withdrawal pushed forward examination in field of vision at the press conference on May 14 after having shown negative thought to correspondence of Tokyo.

 In interview on 14th the Yamazaki head of a ward when "went to Odawara," "there was a phone call from Governor Koike. We stated, it was contents to "examine request from company in all sincerity". But when is called into question whether understood explanation of Governor Koike; as for "the assent. We replied, negotiations do not advance.

 On May 1, Governor Koike of Tokyo visited the Manyo Club head office in Odawara-shi, Kanagawa and persuaded Manyo Club which was company for business operation. However, the myriad green leaves side requested that Tokyo performed all procedure to gather tenants which entered introducing constructor who undertook with cheap amount of money and having a succession of visitors facilities for Governor Koike in meeting.

 Governor Koike "got some concrete requests at the press conference on the eleventh while negotiations ran into difficulties when we went to Odawara. We investigate thoroughly and return to the other party. We explained the contents in sincere (sincere) immediately and we stated, it was sincere and continues coping by explaining backgrounds properly and clarified that we pushed forward examination about request of Manyo Club in the Metropolitan Government.

 After Tokyo and company did the Yamazaki head of a ward of Koto-ku for solution to problem about a series of negotiations saying "things do not advance when did not make mutual concessions each other"; "inhabitants of Toyosu have square. We showed thought to want to watch change well.

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