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Roof construction of new National Stadium most difficulty advances

(Olympics - May 14, 2018 18:30)
 We reach 800 days until the Tokyo Olympics start of 2020 soon. Construction of new National Stadium which became main stadium invited turn-round while preparations advanced for success of meeting in each place. Construction of roof was pushed forward, and, in new National Stadium wrapped in forest of major shrine, size of stadium came to be identified now, too.

 In new National Stadium which construction goes ahead through as stadium which Japan is proud of to the world, "stadium of forest" (forest) harmonizing with green of major shrine outer garden for completion of November, 2019 is huge; is appearing. We reach lapel for term of works and are building steel frame moiety of root and trunk among roof construction to be considered to be the most difficulty now.

 The construction spot of roof which covered seat, and became symbol of new Kunitachi was released the other day by the reporters. Roof grows atmosphere to wrap up all audiences and athletes with warmth of Thursday by employing a lot of domestic wood. It is only one side to support the length of the sunshade with approximately 60 meters structurally, but transformation of not only seemliness but also steel frame is controlled by putting wood together with steel frame, and strength increases and is that it is earthquake and strong wind in strong stadium.

 In addition, interior construction of stadium is pushed forward parallel to construction of roof. We make "space of hospitality" like Japan using domestic wood positively indoors and send Japanese sports and culture to the world.

 Which "just leave (in National Stadium in front), and there is wanted to redecorate, and to use, thinking, but enjoy that it is possible for new sports stadium" from person of town in new National Stadium getting closer to completion step by step "grow big, and is astonishment. Is really excited; various voices including "is very glad that many people came if swelled" were asked.

 Stage meeting world top athlete in 2020 is going to be completed in November, 2019.

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