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It is operated "panda bus" for a limited number by beautifulness beautifulness popularity Tokyo, Ueno

(business - May 15, 2018 18:30)
 We reach one year soon after beautifulness beauty of giant panda was born. "Panda bus" came over to Tokyo, town of Ueno where panda fever led to for a limited time.

 Giant panda beautifulness beauty of Ueno Zoo which reached 1-year-old birthday on June 12 grew up quickly and healthily, and approximately 3 meters became able to climb top of Thursday which there was. However, is spoilt child still more, of mother nijarete is idle silently.

 We are accompanied by eyelashes that it is long to have appeared in beautifulness beautifulness fever in town of boiled Ueno and perfectly round eyes, ear and are "panda bus" which is distinguished for amiability (amiability). Whole body becomes form of panda and is very pretty atmosphere. Panda bus was usually thing which made a round trip of Asakusa, but put together in Ueno where museum and art museums gathered in "museum week" performed now and did in town, Ueno of panda. Fare is free. In the run route, "the Tokyo National Museum" of Ueno Park goes around three places of "Ueno Marui" in front of Ueno Station "Matsuzakaya Ueno shop" near Okachimachi Station.

 In the bus inside of car, cover of seat has ear of panda, and stuffed toy of panda takes seat more, too. In the running inside of car, picture looking back on growth of beautifulness beautifulness drifts, and heart's content to think to be can enjoy attractiveness of panda. Bus runs every 30 minutes and goes round 18 laps, towns of Ueno a day from 9:00 a.m. A person who held camera unintentionally was seen in appearance of rare panda bus.

 "Panda which "it was full of pandas, and person using bus was pretty" until the end of inside of car was seen and was moved very much. We told, it was good to be able to come for shopping while feeling fun. On the other hand, Koichi Suga, chairperson of Ueno noren society which invited panda bus "big pulling in customers point of Ueno is Art Gallery and Museum. As town is activated very much, we tell, we expect that it becomes power of Ueno together.

 Service of "panda bus" heaping up town of Ueno boiled in panda fever still more is carried out until May 20.

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