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Outside ring way, Misato south - Takaya interval as for the traffic jam relaxation of the June 2 opening downtown area

(business - May 15, 2018 18:30)
 Misato south interchange - Takaya White Man's Burden interval, 15.5 kilos of prospective Tokyo Gaikan Expressway are opened as easing measure for traffic jam of the Tokyo downtown area on June 2. Road which refrained from opening close was released by the reporters.

 It is Misato south interchange (Misato-shi, Saitama) - Katsushika-ku, Tokyo - Takaya White Man's Burden (Ichikawa-shi, Chiba) interval that we are opened this time. Construction is pushed forward on outside ring way between Kanetsu Expressway, Oizumi White Man's Burden (Nerima-ku) - Tomei Expressway White Man's Burden (Setagaya-ku) in Tokyo on line concluding the outside of the Tokyo downtown area into a ring form.

 Capital bay-coast express way and Tokyo and Chiba district road are connected to newly outside ring way by this opening. It took an average of 60 minutes when we go along the downtown area until now from Takaya junction in the time required of Oizumi White Man's Burden, but shortening is anticipated via outside ring way for 42 minutes. Hiroshi Kaneko engineering works section manager of NEXCO East Japan, Chiba construction office because "paths of substitute with Metropolitan expressway center belt line in parallel with access of the Chiba area are formed from Tokyo, is connected for traffic jam relaxation of expressway of the downtown area. We say, it becomes line that is important to movement at the time of Olympics.

 Approximately 60% finishes outside ring way in this. Productivity improvement of distribution is expected without going along the downtown area in various places throughout Kanto from coastal line area to come to be able to go.

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