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As for the voice for prevention of passive smoking regulations plan regulation review of Tokyo

(metropolitan government - May 15, 2018 18:30)
 Governor Koike was agreeable and, about the regulations to prevent passive smoking of Tokyo which aimed at presentation to Tokyo metropolitan assembly in June, heard from each opposite group.

What are "the regulations to prevent passive smoking" of <Tokyo?>

 As for the main point plan of the regulations of Tokyo, it is regulation that is severer than standard that country establishes. Object of regulation is decided under the basic policy to "protect working person and child from passive smoking".

 As a general rule, it is exercise facilities, hotel, office, railroad, ship, restaurant which many people use that indoor is smoking cessation, and only the exclusive smoking room can smoke. But there are some exceptions in restaurant and, in the case of "shop which does not employ employee," can choose smoking, smoking cessation.

 On the other hand, it is hospital, child welfare institution, administration, bus, taxi, plane that can install smoking place outdoors in facilities becoming smoking cessation in site. It is kindergarten, nursery school, elementary and junior high school, high school not to be able to establish smoking place outdoors either.

<Governor Koike hears from the opposition, supporters>

 Severe opinion to "want you to reconsider" from the restaurant business appears in main point plan that is severer than standard of country which Tokyo examines this time.

 Shop where the capital employs employee in main point plan of the regulations alone says with "non-smoking". It was the person concerned and Governor Koike of trade group which ran restaurants in the morning of 15th who faced hearing about regulations plan, but we pointed out fear to be connected, and, as for the industry side, regulation demanded relaxation of regulation from decrease and business closing of sales. In meeting when company "has laws and ordinances of two (country and the capital), invite confusion as the industry. I would like reconsideration;, "no matter how you look at it, it goes too far to be entirely non-smoking when even one employs employee. Want to forgive only it; when "is going to employ employee who wants to learn cooking, is severe by smoking cessation when employ even one. We claimed, we want you to take easing measure.

 In contrast, while Governor Koike shows constant understanding in opinion on the industry side; "nonsmoker is the time of 80%. We stated, person whom person who smoked did not suck wants to take voice for realization of town to be able to spend comfortably each other well and demanded understanding to regulations plan.

 Governor Koike heard opinion from child care generation of situation in favor of the regulations successively. Influence to child that cigarette brings mothers when "think about child, is worried about cigarette very much. We attach to body even if we enter restaurant. Smell of person who came back even if get on the Shinkansen (from smoking) is interested; "it is not revealed that do not perform in restaurant whether there is smoker, or is not. We appealed to Governor Koike to think that whereabouts increased and could spend happily when consideration advanced in restaurant and space. Over passive smoking, as for the opinion, the yes and no parted.

 Governor Koike met with heads of a ward of Tokyo's 23 wards and asked for cooperation for regulations establishment afterwards. After Governor Koike meets;, as for "the importance of prevention of passive smoking, recognition accords with heads of a ward. Methodology that want to tell in detail how can actually connect to activity, instructions in cooperation with ward; said, found easy to talk to. Governor Koike is going to submit regulations plan to the metropolitan assembly held in June.

<as for the Mayor of Suginami as for the repulsion>

 Approval was almost got from 23 wards of heads of a ward, but dissatisfaction was asked about Mayor Tanaka of Suginami-ku about how to decide facilities targeted for regulation.

 Mayor Tanaka "is flat, and, judging from progress when ward established smoking room, why do say that remove entirely in law and the regulations one-sidedly? Management authority person of facilities is the basics local government. It cannot agree more that country shows aim of prevention of passive smoking. However, concrete technique, development of implementation plan stated, it is rational that the basic local government made and insisted when they wanted each ward to leave concrete way of prevention of passive smoking about "facilities of ward" targeted for regulation.

 It is place that cannot be helped that opinion opposite to agreement appears when we are going to change conventional structure what it is, how will Governor Koike gather up the prevention regulations of passive smoking?

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