We relate to the appropriate handling of personal number (my number) information
Basic policy

We establish basic policy as follows to wrestle about securing of appropriate handling of personal number (my number) as organization.

1. Name of company

Tokyo metropolitan television

2. Laws and ordinances, observance such as guidelines of relationships

"Law about the use of number to distinguish authorized individual in administrative procedure" (say law 27th, the following "number method" in 2013.) , "law about protection of personal information" (say law 57th, the following "Personal Information Protection Law" in 2003.) And we observe "guidelines on specific personal information (company) about the appropriate handling" and do the appropriate handling of specific personal information.

3. Matter about safety management measures

About the handling of personal number (my number), we devise handling rules, and we take organized safety management measures, human safety management measures, physical safety management measures, technical safety management measures.

4. Inquiry windows such as questions

<sealed letter>

〒102-8002 1-12, Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku


Tokyo metropolitan television General Affairs Department personal information charge



<FAX number>


Phone number

03-5276-0009 (main) ※Guidance (General Affairs Department) of inquiry method