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◇ September 30, 2017 broadcast
Mind of samurai inherited from the Meiji Restoration for 150 years by charm of Takamori Saigou and Yukichi Fukuzawa and Chomin Nakae
The Meiji Restoration and encounter [special series 13] with Japanese - West modern times Detailed>
◇ September 16, 2017 broadcast
The Susumu Nishibe X Shuji Sawamura X Yosuke Hamazaki "Susumu Nishibe seminar" study of ancient Japanese thought and culture that was going to ask where the identity of the history of series [11] Japan was especially
From birth - Norinaga Motoori of the study of ancient Japanese thought and culture to Atsutane Hirata as for "Japanese none of somo!" Detailed>
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