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◇ March 11, 2017 broadcast
[guest] Takako Kleine 
Suspicion, cruelty lead to world history like the warp"
The present conditions of refugee issue in Europe Detailed>
◇ March 4, 2017 broadcast
[guest] Takako Kleine 
Visiting historic boundary lines which we make own nation, on the conditions of a country, area and followed, Japan is ... with courage courage which they should learn
What happens the next without the EU U.K.; or commentator, Takako Kleine [residence in Germany] X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ November 22, 2015 broadcast
Crisis to open in the world that Susumu Nishibe seminar length talks about with Mr. Takako Kleine commentator resident in Germany if we see Japan from Europe [2].
The history of refugees in Europe "interprets background of terrorism tight" Detailed>
◇ July 6, 2014 broadcast
Commentator, Takako Kleine resident in formidability - Germany of all the countries of the world where Japan should learn from is anxious about thoughtlessness yellowtail including subordination of Japan to U.S.
How does Europe look at Obama? Detailed>
◇ June 15, 2014 broadcast
Do not be informed in timing and Japan where Russian President Putin came out to! Difference with Germany which made Japan and independently-established constitution in subordination to the United States in 69 years after the war
How does Europe look at President Putin? Detailed>
◇ May 25, 2013 broadcast
[guest] Takako Kleine 
Spy to win information war is common sense of the world. Did you sow seeds of world crisis by immoral finance by liberalism?
From various topics - Thatcher concerning Europe to Merkel Detailed>
◇ April 7, 2012 broadcast
[guest] Takako Kleine 
What should we learn from Europe? Detailed>
◇ November 13, 2010 broadcast
[guest] Takako Kleine 
Wonderland Japan Detailed>
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