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◇ August 19, 2017 broadcast
"Song which the four seasons in Japan weave" which the former Sumida River was beautiful, and foreigner appreciated
Song classroom [23] "climate of Japan" of Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ April 8, 2017 broadcast
Song which is necessary in the present times to recall background in the times when we made meaning and music of words loaded words in Japanese good old song with, and to learn from the history. 
Song classroom [21] of "song leaving trace of defeat" Keiko Aoyama Japan  Detailed>
◇ April 1, 2017 broadcast
Let's regain Japanese sense sense, perception! TOKYOMX Susumu Nishibe seminar 
Between song classroom [20] "sad kana, man and woman" of Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ November 5, 2016 broadcast
"Song classroom of Keiko Aoyama Japan" which watches the times with general history sense about history if we say in society about the life if we say in individuals.
If look at the times with general history sense; song classroom [19] "song of foreign country" of - Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ October 29, 2016 broadcast
Song which came out of World War I in the complicated times including politics, art exercise during World War II 
We regain Japanese sense sense, perception! Song classroom [18] "song of life Purgatory" of Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ October 22, 2016 broadcast
"Byakkotai" which the history concerning the Meiji Restoration is accepted by the lyrics, and still sings, and is inherited "Tabaruzaka"
Song classroom [17] of "song of revolution" edition Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ July 9, 2016 broadcast
We regain Sense "sense" that Japanese is about to lose "perception"! Valuable high quality program "song classroom of Japan"
"We sandwich war", and author, the life and music of singer think in the sung times Detailed>
◇ July 3, 2016 broadcast
Even if memory moderates in postwar period when urbanization advances, and farm village scenery fails, and thing called hometown was lost rapidly, we yearn for hometown
Song classroom of "hometown to be lost, and to go" Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ May 28, 2016 broadcast
We imagine scene around song from words accepted by good old Japanese song, and let's regain sense, perception that Japanese is about to lose!
Song classroom [14] "song of sea" (port, the sea, lake) of Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ May 21, 2016 broadcast
We make imagination words of good old song from scene around approved song, and sense will regain "sense, perception"!
Song classroom [13] of Keiko Aoyama Japan "wandering song" Detailed>
◇ February 28, 2016 broadcast
"Bride doll" which Koji Fukiya from Shibata-shi, Niigata recognized in poetry and "open fire" that took a walk through background, rial story around girl of "The Red Shoes", scenery of good old Tokyo in the times, and was made
Song classroom "nursery rhyme" of Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ February 21, 2016 broadcast
Why does Japanese song have such much music that the sorrow, pathos are put? Song classroom "song of wandering" of Keiko Aoyama Japan of vocalist, mezzo soprano edition.
Pathos a good Keiko Aoyama song classroom of Japan Detailed>
◇ December 6, 2015 broadcast
Japanese traditional melody, melody of minor key! We regain sense that imagines scene accepted by the lyrics, and is lost in the present age.
Song classroom [the tenth] of one or Keiko Aoyama Japan where the sorrow that is why is fully included in in Japanese "baby sitting song" Detailed>
◇ November 29, 2015 broadcast
In "the capital, it is announcement and "we receive flower in *kogyokuhai" dormitory song that sings in high school under the old system of education and student dormitory, and is inherited at four pieces at the Yayoi" beginning!
"Song lesson of Keiko Aoyama Japan" to ask for history of "dormitory song" Detailed>
◇ August 23, 2015 broadcast
High quality program that trains sense = sense that modern Japanese almost forgets again! What are foreign song given the lyrics by in the first century and Japanese from the Meiji era, thing in depth of Japanese heart?
The song classroom eighth of "song from foreign country" Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ August 16, 2015 broadcast
After Japan was soundly beaten by the United States in that Greater East Asia War; 70! Japanese is sensitive to "fate of the history", and the abnormal sorrow is put in one or Japanese "song of fight" in all ages
The song classroom seventh of "song from the history" Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ June 28, 2015 broadcast
Keiko Aoyama music classroom "folk song style." Folk song that it has been got close to Japanese for a long time gets cold and arrives and Keiko Aoyama sings and talks about knob, southern part cowboy song, Sado this morning with Susumu Nishibe!
Keiko Aoyama music classroom folk song style Detailed>
◇ June 21, 2015 broadcast
The music classroom fifth by mezzo-soprano, Keiko Aoyama! "Fruit of palm" talks about "hometown" (hometown) with singing emotionally, Susumu Nishibe from "apple village" under the theme of "hometown"!
Keiko Aoyama music classroom hometown edition Detailed>
◇ March 8, 2015 broadcast
The fourth! Keiko Aoyama music classroom "spring nouta" edition. Keiko Aoyama of mezzo-soprano sings song concerning spring and talks with Susumu Nishibe!
[tag] The culture history 
Keiko Aoyama music classroom "spring nouta" edition Detailed>
◇ March 1, 2015 broadcast
The Keiko Aoyama music classroom third! Keiko Aoyama of mezzo soprano singer shows song concerning first love and recites meaning put in background, the lyrics of Susumu Nishibe and song.
[tag] The culture history 
Keiko Aoyama music classroom "first love" edition Detailed>
◇ December 7, 2014 broadcast
We take historic sense that Japanese is forgetting, and return trains so sense, perception "Sense"!
Originality and universality of Keiko Aoyama "song of Japan" classroom [2] mother country Japan Detailed>
◇ November 30, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Keiko Aoyama 
Scenery, scene, family begin hometown sense in the root of song "rain of Jogashima" "this way" of Japan ... human being.
Regain sense sense Keiko Aoyama "song of Japan" classroom [1] national language and people of hometown - Japan! Detailed>
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