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◇ July 27, 2013 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito 
How will the international situation in East Asia until 2025 turn out now? Is it Chinese sphere of influence or beichuhasamiuchi or Chinese military regime? Mr. Kan Ito resident in Washington D.C. talks.
We eat U.S. bloom alliance, the Japanese Islands and torment Detailed>
◇ July 20, 2013 broadcast
Haruhiko Arai of scriptwriter that joint script did WOWOW serial drama W "daughters who suppressed Dead Sea apple - lot", Misa Arais lecture on the script way in movie.
Revival of script in movie Detailed>
◇ July 13, 2013 broadcast
We deal with joint script in masterpiece of WOWOW serial drama W "Dead Sea apple" four hours and let "idea drama" succeed wonderfully. Essence made with script of father daughter more than master and pupil relations.
We must see it! Arai father and son script "Dead Sea apple" Haruhiko Arai X Misa Arai Detailed>
◇ July 6, 2013 broadcast
Tsuyoshi Nakano X hodokoshikotsune X Keita Shibayama four times series to have you invite young intellectual and scold the present in Japan and encourage the future in Japan. Probably because "capitalism and democracy include the fourth in the future" 
Is there the future in good old idea [4] capitalism and democracy that young Japanese recites in Japan? Detailed>
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