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◇ November 30, 2013 broadcast
Essential discussion which feels the source of maintenance thought of Chomin Nakae who has been misunderstood as for 112 years and democratic father!
Chomin Nakae "is not democratic ancestor"; black iron Hiroshi X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ November 23, 2013 broadcast
History comic artist, black iron Hiroshi X Susumu Nishibe, thinker talks, and why is it "already in modern democracy until now?" Is hero not born?
It is already occluded until now in the modern times in Japan Detailed>
◇ November 16, 2013 broadcast
"Economic thought of maintenance" that Mr. lecturer, Tsuyoshi Nakano discusses Susumu Nishibe X Tsuyoshi Nakano X Koichiro Tomioka
What is "maintenance?" What is "conservatism?" The depicter private supplementary school third Detailed>
◇ November 9, 2013 broadcast
We discuss about problem that importance and Japan of family-like management that Shoji Nishida X Toshio Motoya does not list have.
Management philosophy of person of business of theory of the State [2] - truth of businessman and problem of Japan Detailed>
◇ November 2, 2013 broadcast
Shoji Nishida X Toshio Motoya [the theory of the State that representative from apagurupu and member of the House of Councilors discuss]
Pride that we thought about in discussion with very important person by theory of the State [1] - successive visit of businessman of the world in 78 countries of Japan Detailed>
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