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◇ December 30, 2013 broadcast
60 minutes of earnest and banter-like three-man talk by Susumu Nishibe X Takeshi Nakajima X Haruhiko Arai! Do political radicalism and religious fundamentalism fall into the earth with end disorderly?
[year-end special program] Times "Susumu Nishibe seminar" that politics and religion cannot separate Detailed>
◇ December 28, 2013 broadcast
Balance stick = tradition that some ... life is full of contradiction with difference between right-winger and maintenance and keeps thing, balance such as dangerous tightrope walking is necessary
Takeshi Nakajima X Mitsuhiro Kimura X Susumu Nishibe "thing which blood faith group tells to Japan in the 21st century" - blood faith group tell modern Japan [2] Detailed>
◇ December 21, 2013 broadcast
"Agony" of young men in the world of confusion to resemble closely at the time of Great Depression, finance panic -
"Story of death" to read in thing - blood faith group that Takeshi Nakajima X Mitsuhiro Kimura X Susumu Nishibe blood faith group teaches in modern Japan Detailed>
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