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◇ January 25, 2014 broadcast
Power of water oat told customer whom reverberation representative director Mitsuhiro Onodera recited! One of the indispensable necessities water oat of Mr. Nishibe
Person interested in health must see it! Power of water oat "know effect of bacteria" Detailed>
◇ January 18, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Keishi Saeki 
About sense, consciousness, recognition, human being's way of life, we think about the root. "Japanese, think a little more seriously" (Chomin Nakae)
Thinker of two Keishi Saeki X Susumu Nishibe talks! "Philosophy of sorrow" by the thorny life of Kitaro Nishida and "null thought" [2] Detailed>
◇ January 11, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Keishi Saeki 
We feel the root of value in the times of crisis! What is ultimate truth to support our root? What is Nishida philosophy of thought, Kitaro Nishida of "nothing?"
Thinker of two Keishi Saeki X Susumu Nishibe talks! Thought [1] of "nothing" Detailed>
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