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◇ April 20, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito 
Japan and Korea, how should there be thought that how about Japanese, way where Japan should advance to in the daytime while we show Japan-U.S. strange confusion, confusion?
United States which does not clash with Kan Ito X Susumu Nishibe nuclear power where Asia burns by big fire [2] and Japan which does not do self-defense. Detailed>
◇ April 13, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito 
How should we pose so that Japan raises diplomatic power with good old diplomatics which aimed at balance of power balance of power balance of power?
While, in Asia, the world situation that burns by big fire [1] is in confusion; diplomacy of Japan is Kan Ito X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ April 6, 2014 broadcast
We do not have the courage to look thing in the situation of crisis in the face and bring weakness of Japan if we do not think deeply.
Need Kenji Sato X Satoshi Fujii X Susumu Nishibe of story that national tough tsujitsuma [3] is tough Detailed>
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