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◇ May 25, 2014 broadcast
Three generations of - Yosuke Hamasaki X Shuji Sawamura X Susumu Nishibe talk about view on human decease over human infirmities of old age death.
What kind of thing is it that there is - person over old death from an illness of view of life discussion [1] human being? Detailed>
◇ May 18, 2014 broadcast
When we save Japan, he/she does not give the United States. How should we hold Japan for Russia and correspondence of international community to see in the Ukraine situation that is not event of far-off country?
Power in Tsuyoshi Nakano X Susumu Nishibe "thing which Japan should learn from correspondence in crisis in Ukraine of Russia" international community Detailed>
◇ May 11, 2014 broadcast
Discussion which is helpful to cultivate common sense to circulate through defense, security treaty, international order! ... which it do not become to ostrich to put head in in sand in crisis young man
Tsuyoshi Nakano X Susumu Nishibe "is useless even if he brandishes international law" Detailed>
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