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◇ July 27, 2014 broadcast
The first of MX, depicter private supplementary school. Susumu Nishibe of lecturer discusses with something, private school student with right to collective self-defense. Is there not that we depend on the United States for deterrence in group self-defense by outcome of dependency nature?
Dependency nature to depend on group self-defense for deterrence Detailed>
◇ July 20, 2014 broadcast
Taichi Yamada X Haruhiko Arai who is man of influence of scenario writer world talks about essence of thing script from Yasujiro Ozu to Akira Kurosawa
What Authority script of Autuhor is about essence of thing named script [2] Detailed>
◇ July 13, 2014 broadcast
Script theory which scriptwriter, Taichi Yamada and Haruhiko Arai talk about primary significance of lines about expression of actor to.
[tag] Social culture 
Authority "script something" of Autuhor Detailed>
◇ July 6, 2014 broadcast
Commentator, Takako Kleine resident in formidability - Germany of all the countries of the world where Japan should learn from is anxious about thoughtlessness yellowtail including subordination of Japan to U.S.
How does Europe look at Obama? Detailed>
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