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◇ August 31, 2014 broadcast
Inspection report by one Wednesday society which entered the field after Crimea admission for the first time in the world, Mitsuhiro Kimura representative. We discuss the beginning and background of problem in Ukraine essentially and show behavior one in relations to Russia of Japan.
Mitsuhiro Kimura Crimea field inspection report Detailed>
◇ August 24, 2014 broadcast
You look back on that fight magnificently and, including special attack unit, must hand down definitely to the next generation to discuss de-postwar period in true meaning. The last week to discuss "what was Greater East Asia War?".
In the future, there is not if we do not overcome what Greater East Asia War was [3] "after the war" Detailed>
◇ August 17, 2014 broadcast
It is 69 from defeat. Greater East Asia War was absolute war that was not avoided not aggression. You do not recognize significance of Greater East Asia War, and what do you assume? We think that we follow their countries at turning point of 70 years after the war.
We do not recognize significance of Greater East Asia War and do what Greater East Asia War was [2] with what Detailed>
◇ August 10, 2014 broadcast
We meet guest of wide generation and argue from problem of name of Greater East Asia War to the essence thoroughly. In 69 years after the war, how should Japanese catch that war?
Having been what with Greater East Asia War [1] or "history recognition" of "postwar period" Detailed>
◇ August 3, 2014 broadcast
We discuss even job by words full of vitality in area at home. Susumu Nishibe principal of a private school develops private school students and generous discussion.
Discussion "dependency nature to depend on group self-defense for deterrence" with MX, depicter private supplementary school = young depicter private school student Detailed>
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