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◇ October 26, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Susumu Nishibe 
MX, depicter symposium going on the platform Kazuhiko Togou [former diplomat] Yonosuke Hara [policy study postgraduate course university special professor] Koichiro Tomioka [depicter chief editor] Susumu Nishibe [commentator]
How do you cross with Japanese diplomatic - U.S. and China Korea by Seto and Russia? Detailed>
◇ October 19, 2014 broadcast
Political argument of Councilor Councilor Masashi Waki X Shoji Nishida X Susumu Nishibe commentator. Essence discussion which reflects on Japan from "local construction" to "woman utilization" after the war.
Push forward the right track, Japanese nation! Detailed>
◇ October 12, 2014 broadcast
Essential discussion, House of Councilors of election system reform to circulate through one vote of range are places discussing the long-term national way!
Regain sanity, member of the House of Councilors you! Detailed>
◇ October 5, 2014 broadcast
Japan resembling closely historically can understand viewpoint to have a sense of caution toward in Western modern times of Russia! Mutsuo Mabuchi former Ukraine Ambassador and Representative Mitsuhiro Kimura one Mizue propose means of escape to "de-postwar period" by Japan and Russia-affiliated improvement.
Devote effort to Japan and Russia diplomacy Detailed>
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