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◇ December 29, 2014 broadcast
70 years after the war "history recognition" "postwar regime" "Abenomics" "general election" "morning sun false report" discussion to take the last means that "nation is tough", and Satoshi Fujii X Kenji Sato X Susumu Nishibe regains Japan for.
"There is still setting sun nippon of mediacracy" Detailed>
◇ December 21, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Itsuo Kohama 
Let's know national language, the history, importance of morality!
"Education is anything", or "education problem called the training holds good of global human resources" [2] Itsuo Kohama X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ December 14, 2014 broadcast
[guest] Ken Terawaki 
How possible is it to perform the training (education) of "motivation" (vitality)?
"What with education" [1] Ken Terawaki X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ December 7, 2014 broadcast
We take historic sense that Japanese is forgetting, and return trains so sense, perception "Sense"!
Originality and universality of Keiko Aoyama "song of Japan" classroom [2] mother country Japan Detailed>
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