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◇ April 26, 2015 broadcast
The Yukio Hatoyama former Prime Minister talks about the truth of Crimea visit that other media does not report!
The truth of Crimea visit that Former Prime Minister Hatoyama talks about Detailed>
◇ April 19, 2015 broadcast
With the issue of "ideology ka where how is settlement 3 capital "principles" of Piketty uproar" Piketty as a start, we develop discussion about basic problem that capitalism has.
Ideology that how is settlement 3 - capital "principles" of Piketty uproar or ... Detailed>
◇ April 12, 2015 broadcast
Seminar style "settlement 2 of Piketty uproar" inequality r>g is talked about like symbol of Piketty, but essential consideration is not accomplished! We enter contents and point out lack of explanation of Piketty.
Being constant that settlement 2 - rate of profit of Piketty uproar is why or ... Detailed>
◇ April 5, 2015 broadcast
We invite seminar style "settlement 1 of Piketty uproar" Keishi Saeki and Keita Shibayama and add essential interpretation to written by Thomas Piketty "capital in the 21st century" that the Japanese inside made noise!
Mysterious ... of settlement 1 - Piketty uproar of Piketty uproar Detailed>
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