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◇ June 28, 2015 broadcast
Keiko Aoyama music classroom "folk song style." Folk song that it has been got close to Japanese for a long time gets cold and arrives and Keiko Aoyama sings and talks about knob, southern part cowboy song, Sado this morning with Susumu Nishibe!
Keiko Aoyama music classroom folk song style Detailed>
◇ June 21, 2015 broadcast
The music classroom fifth by mezzo-soprano, Keiko Aoyama! "Fruit of palm" talks about "hometown" (hometown) with singing emotionally, Susumu Nishibe from "apple village" under the theme of "hometown"!
Keiko Aoyama music classroom hometown edition Detailed>
◇ June 14, 2015 broadcast
We carry out basic left-winger characteristics of country called amerika and dependency nature of Japanese people thoroughly over the special lecture "Japan-U.S. relationship" by Manager of Susumu Nishibe seminar and argue!
Over the special lecture "Japan-U.S. relationship" Detailed>
◇ June 7, 2015 broadcast
We thoroughly explain security treaty legislation becoming the biggest topic over special lecture "security bill" by Manager of Susumu Nishibe seminar in the Diet of this term, significance, problems!
Over special lecture "security treaty legislation revision" Detailed>
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