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◇ July 26, 2015 broadcast
What is importance of "translation" that Japanese achieved for the Meiji period? We talk earnestly with the risk of easy English education that hodokoshikotsune and Susumu Nishibe only receive English!
~ language being tool ignorant masses as for becoming English or ~ Detailed>
◇ July 19, 2015 broadcast
We become English praised to the skies as in the world, and ignorant masses of Japanese citizen are related by flow of globalization to becoming! While hodokoshikotsune twines around book of oneself, we sound alarm bell in current trend!
English becoming ignorant masses Detailed>
◇ July 12, 2015 broadcast
The world of photographer, Hibiki Kobayashi! What will Africa, few tribes of Tibet tell Japanese living in modern civilization? Portrait of surprise comes up one after another!
Model 2 of human being whom photographer, Hibiki Kobayashi took Detailed>
◇ July 5, 2015 broadcast
Few tribal faces totally different from us who lived in civilized society. World-famous photographer, Hibiki Kobayashi who continued taking portrait of primitive society talks!
Model 1 of human being whom photographer, Hibiki Kobayashi took Detailed>
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