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◇ November 29, 2015 broadcast
In "the capital, it is announcement and "we receive flower in *kogyokuhai" dormitory song that sings in high school under the old system of education and student dormitory, and is inherited at four pieces at the Yayoi" beginning!
"Song lesson of Keiko Aoyama Japan" to ask for history of "dormitory song" Detailed>
◇ November 22, 2015 broadcast
Crisis to open in the world that Susumu Nishibe seminar length talks about with Mr. commentator, Kleine Takako resident in Germany if we see Japan from Europe [2].
The history of refugees in Europe "interprets background of terrorism tight" Detailed>
◇ November 15, 2015 broadcast
Mr. German commentator, Kleine Takako lectures mainly on refugee issue that is not unrelated to problem of terrorism if we see Japan from Europe [1].
Refugees who flow into Europe "learning that we are up in Europe now" Detailed>
◇ November 8, 2015 broadcast
Memory of Danshiro Tatekawa who it is comic story teller, and plays an active part as writer and talking "Danshi."
Memory Danshiro Tatekawa of Danshi Detailed>
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