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◇ December 24, 2016 broadcast
As "it is already fall of past civilization, or cards phenomenon that showed difference to spread worldwide figuratively is the time of *raku" (sea bream takes its ease)
"Dusk of the history" black iron Hiroshi X Makoto Sataka X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ December 10, 2016 broadcast
Power balance to bind Russia and hand together while the world fights by power "how Japan should go out with Russia" [2], and to check hasamiuchi by the U.S. and China.
Event that you should perform of Susumu Nishibe X Masayuki Iwata X mokumurasanko*moku! Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vs. President Putin talk  Detailed>
◇ November 19, 2016 broadcast
"Popular principles are popyurarizumu." ... over Populism (Mayor of Susumu Nishibe seminar)
What on the conditions of a country of the Keishi Saeki X Susumu Nishibe United States is [2] Detailed>
◇ November 12, 2016 broadcast
Keishi Saeki X Susumu Nishibe who used the word Americanism with printing type for the first time in Japan drills about essence of American problem that difference to open in the world appears like symbol deeply
With American on the conditions of a country anything [1] or "presidential election in America slapstick comedy to see" Detailed>
◇ November 5, 2016 broadcast
"Song classroom of Keiko Aoyama Japan" which watches the times with general history sense about history if we say in society about the life if we say in individuals.
If look at the times with general history sense; song classroom [19] "song of foreign country" of - Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ October 29, 2016 broadcast
Song which came out of World War I in the complicated times including politics, art exercise during World War II 
We regain Japanese sense sense, perception! Song classroom [18] "song of life Purgatory" of Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ October 22, 2016 broadcast
"Tiger-shape guardian god of the west unit" which the history concerning the Meiji Restoration is accepted by the lyrics, and still sings, and is inherited "Tabaruzaka"
Song classroom [17] of "song of revolution" edition Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ October 15, 2016 broadcast
We argue about the Emperor system of Japan that is traditional mind of serious matter Japan in Japanese nation in wide field of vision
"Emperor system of Japan" idea dredges over Imperial House Act all-out [2] Detailed>
◇ October 8, 2016 broadcast
We argue about the Emperor system of Japan that is traditional mind of some ... Japan with "the general will of the nation" with "symbol" in wide field of vision
We receive intention of abdication by the present Emperor and are dredged "Emperor system of Japan" idea all-out Detailed>
◇ October 1, 2016 broadcast
So that Japan acquires power including politics, diplomacy, militarily cultural thing in the situation such as preliminary skirmish of World War 3
Japanese power that we are asked at corner of [2] rust "heart that arrives, and comes off of Japan" world Detailed>
◇ September 24, 2016 broadcast
Is about to forget to be Japan after the war; "what is heart of Japan?" 
"Heart that is rusted, and arrive, and comes off of Japan" [1] Detailed>
◇ September 3, 2016 broadcast
We reflect on way of thinking, way of feeling, behavior completion form things of after the war-like thing = Americanism
"Money of Heisei" and MX, depicter symposium to liken, and to mind Detailed>
◇ August 27, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito  
It rotates, and ... United States empire is tumultuous "lie talk called nuclear disarmament and nuclear armament, self-defense of Japan Kan Ito X Susumu Nishibe from the world"! !
"MX, depicter interlocking movement plan" that the whole world gets closer to every moment in chaos without order and the times of violence [3] Detailed>
◇ August 20, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito  
Great confusion of capitalism by FinancialGlobalism where computer moves trillions of yen of Friday to during a one-1,000,000th second
"American empire is tumultuous finance capitalism by the class of 0.1% of top ruining the world! "[2] commentator, Kan Ito Detailed>
◇ August 13, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito  
Mr. international politics, Kan Ito of American finance analyst discusses essence of the United States in commentators resident in Washington D.C.
[every other month "depicter" interlocking movement plan] "Empire great confusion in the United States! !" [1] Detailed>
◇ August 6, 2016 broadcast
We receive lurch to protectionism, and the need of government-led public works project is performed close-up of in the country with a few private demands.
If "there is no way other than public activity" [3] and does not follow the history, town collapses Detailed>
◇ July 30, 2016 broadcast
We follow common sense of the nation for a long time in Japan and think in oneself. "There is no way other than public activity" [2]
We think about Tokyo overconcentration about issue "waiting-list child" of Tokyo governor election Detailed>
◇ July 23, 2016 broadcast
There is not way other than public works spending without politics, economy, society and crisis spreading worldwide, and being able to find private demand in long-term stagnation.
[plan consecutively special for three weeks] There is no way other than public activity Detailed>
◇ July 16, 2016 broadcast
"Revision of the Constitution" that Japanese sees from result of some ... Upper House election with important means kimono by sign of world disturbance now "war bill" "Japan-U.S. alliance"
[special plan] On earth what was Upper House election - that? Detailed>
◇ July 9, 2016 broadcast
We regain Sense "sense" that Japanese is about to lose "perception"! Valuable high quality program "song classroom of Japan"
"Sandwich war", and author, the life and music of singer think in the sung times Detailed>
◇ July 3, 2016 broadcast
Even if memory moderates in postwar period when urbanization advances, and farm village scenery fails, and thing called hometown was lost rapidly, we yearn for hometown
Song classroom of "hometown to be lost, and to go" Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ June 25, 2016 broadcast
Market emits signal for public works spending! The government shows orientation named state of things, and can you maintain community by exercise that the nation unites and energizes area separately?
Good opportunity to discuss the future Japanese way while we begin economic stagnation worldwide! "Negative interest rate hour of death of capitalism" [3] Detailed>
◇ June 18, 2016 broadcast
 Fear roshii meaning of implication "connotation" included in "capital" principles. In economic crisis to spread worldwide, what is what Japanese should regard as important?
As for the negative interest rate, shameless Katsura Shibayama at the hour of death [2] of capitalism [Associate Professor at Kyoto University Graduate School] Detailed>
◇ June 11, 2016 broadcast
It is negative interest rate introduced toward exit from deflation for the first time in history, but the effect does not hardly appear. We look back upon modern times while the world approaches corner and ask essence of capitalism.
Of "negative interest rate capitalism Japan future by economic stagnation long-term at the hour of death" is ... Detailed>
◇ June 4, 2016 broadcast
Japan's original diplomatic way to see for Prime Minister Abe X puchi President talk
Japan and Russia relations to hold the key in United States, China and Russia diplomacy Detailed>
◇ May 28, 2016 broadcast
We imagine scene around song from words accepted by good old Japanese song, and let's regain sense, perception that Japanese is about to lose!
Song classroom [14] "song of sea" (port, the sea, lake) of Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ May 21, 2016 broadcast
We make imagination words of good old song from scene around approved song, and sense will regain "sense, perception"!
Song classroom [13] of Keiko Aoyama Japan "wandering song" Detailed>
◇ May 14, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
Modern youth theory by Akio Nakamori X Susumu Nishibe [2]
Train conversation in modern youth theory [2] society and power of words Detailed>
◇ May 7, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
Story over age reduction to "right to vote 18 years old" by Akio Nakamori X Susumu Nishibe or older
Power of youth that is necessary when the whole modern youth theory [1] times changes Detailed>
◇ April 30, 2016 broadcast
Verge of death theory that black iron Hiroshi X Shu Fujisawa X Susumu Nishibe discusses
Musashi who thought about death deeply why you discussed Musashi mutability now [3], and was going to catch student Detailed>
◇ April 23, 2016 broadcast
Plans consecutive for three weeks by black iron Hiroshi X Shu Fujisawa X Susumu Nishibe! It is in depth of heart that Musashi Miyamoto felt
What would human being do why when we just lost standard of heart whether you discuss Musashi mutability [2]? Detailed>
◇ April 16, 2016 broadcast
Adolescence of Musashi who couldn't but have lethal sword as one's existence proof. What happens to man who loses own standard, and fell into crisis?
Why you discuss Musashi mutability now [1] Detailed>
◇ April 9, 2016 broadcast
One which narrows down focus of constitutional amendment to the abolition of "demilitarization, non-war", and is good or Masahisa Sato X Susumu Nishibe
Constitutional amendment [2] Japanese in becoming being asked state of emergency of the inside and outside situation Detailed>
◇ April 2, 2016 broadcast
Constitutional problem that Japanese is asked while terrorism to spread worldwide, nuclear development, missile launch by North Korea, the inside and outside situation including marine advance by China become state of emergency
State of emergency of the inside and outside situation constitutional amendment [1] in becoming Detailed>
◇ March 27, 2016 broadcast
20 years of boxer Joichiro Tatsuyoshi who decides in couple, parenthood very much while exposing the body to fight, danger and loneliness to visit human being society irresistibly
It is person from love toseshi in having family "tomorrow of Joe" [2] Detailed>
◇ March 20, 2016 broadcast
What is way of Joichiro Tatsuyoshi seeing movie "tomorrow of Joe" of life that was ingrained in bog down?
With Joichiro Tatsuyoshi someone [1] or "readiness of single single man" Detailed>
◇ March 13, 2016 broadcast
Vitality of the nation is necessary while the times enter into crisis to keep Japanese on the conditions of a country. We discuss important sense of values to think about the present age while minding modern history until "security treaty legislation" "constitutional amendment".
What is sense of values that is the most important from "security treaty legislation" to ask modern education [2] to "history?" Detailed>
◇ March 6, 2016 broadcast
We ask the way of education in the times called globalization! Hirofumi Shimomura above sentence department aspect and Councilor Shoji Nishida thoroughly argue over mos which modern Japan is about to lose.
By Hirofumi Shimomura X Shoji Nishida X Susumu Nishibe "ask modern education"  Detailed>
◇ February 28, 2016 broadcast
"Bride doll" which Koji Fukiya from Shibata-shi, Niigata recognized in poetry and "open fire" that took a walk through background, rial story around girl of "The Red Shoes", scenery of good old Tokyo in the times, and was made
Song classroom "nursery rhyme" of Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ February 21, 2016 broadcast
Why does Japanese song have such much music that the sorrow, pathos are put? Song classroom "song of wandering" of Keiko Aoyama Japan of vocalist, mezzo soprano edition.
Pathos a good Keiko Aoyama song classroom of Japan Detailed>
◇ February 14, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
As we have girl stolen by foreign student, and, as for lonely meal, boy sensing air too much, the modern youth, why does not love
Why is it? We broadcast on February 14, 2016 whether modern youth does not love Detailed>
◇ February 7, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
What is it now that fate that Japanese nation (modern people) falls into is fateful? Now and the bygone days youth idea which Akio Nakamori [writer, idol commentator] X Susumu Nishibe [commentator] discusses!
Do not succumb to loneliness and, young man, broadcast on February 7, 2016 Detailed>
◇ January 31, 2016 broadcast
We notice before getting sick! Power of Oriental medicine. Importance of physical cleaning (tidy) to keep the balance from the eating habits tending to forget with the pressure so that modern people live.
Oriental medicine to keep balance from medical - with mind Detailed>
◇ January 24, 2016 broadcast
Haruhiko Arai X Ken Terawaki X Susumu Nishibe discusses problem of terrorism from standpoint of civilization theory!
Does modern society set in Lake abysmal drinker? Detailed>
◇ January 10, 2016 broadcast
Haruhiko Arai [scriptwriter] and Ken Terawaki [film critic] of cineaste lecture on capitalism and relation with terrorism that are not said in the world from the side that it is like civilization theory.
Relation with capitalism and terrorism Detailed>
◇ January 1, 2016 broadcast
On earth are 90 minutes war and self-defense, the United States appropriate for democratic relations, Japan which Keishi Saeki X Kan Ito X Susumu Nishibe discusses anything else?
December 31, 2015 broadcast that "does not perform year-end special program of Americanism in state of things" [latter half of a game] Detailed>
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