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◇ January 31, 2016 broadcast
We notice before getting sick! Power of Oriental medicine. Importance of physical cleaning (tidy) to keep the balance from the eating habits tending to forget with the pressure so that modern people live.
Oriental medicine to keep balance from medical - with mind Detailed>
◇ January 24, 2016 broadcast
Haruhiko Arai X Ken Terawaki X Susumu Nishibe discusses problem of terrorism from standpoint of civilization theory!
Does modern society set in Lake abysmal drinker? Detailed>
◇ January 10, 2016 broadcast
Haruhiko Arai [scriptwriter] and Ken Terawaki [film critic] of cineaste discuss capitalism and relation with terrorism that are not said in the world from the side that it is like civilization theory.
Relation with capitalism and terrorism Detailed>
◇ January 1, 2016 broadcast
On earth are 90 minutes war and self-defense, the United States appropriate for democratic relations, Japan which Keishi Saeki X Kan Ito X Susumu Nishibe discusses anything else?
December 31, 2015 broadcast that "does not perform year-end special program of Americanism in state of things" [latter half of a game] Detailed>
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