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◇ February 28, 2016 broadcast
"Bride doll" which Koji Fukiya from Shibata-shi, Niigata recognized in poetry and "open fire" that took a walk through background, rial story around girl of "The Red Shoes", scenery of good old Tokyo in the times, and was made
Song classroom "nursery rhyme" of Keiko Aoyama Japan edition Detailed>
◇ February 21, 2016 broadcast
Why does Japanese song have such much music that the sorrow, pathos are put? Song classroom "song of wandering" of Keiko Aoyama Japan of vocalist, mezzo soprano edition.
Pathos a good Keiko Aoyama song classroom of Japan Detailed>
◇ February 14, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
As we have girl stolen by foreign student, and, as for lonely meal, boy sensing air too much, the modern youth, why does not love
Why is it? We broadcast on February 14, 2016 whether modern youth does not love Detailed>
◇ February 7, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
What is it now that fate that Japanese nation (modern people) falls into is fateful? Now and the bygone days youth idea which Akio Nakamori [writer, idol commentator] X Susumu Nishibe [commentator] discusses!
Do not succumb to loneliness and, young man, broadcast on February 7, 2016 Detailed>
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